Bellingham Reading

How is a reading tutor different from a reading specialist?

The International Literacy Association states the following about a reading specialist:

Reading specialists provide expert instruction, assessment, and leadership for the reading program. With their advanced preparation and experience in reading, they are responsible for the literacy performance of all readers, in particular those who struggle.

What is prescriptive, individualized instruction?

Prescriptive instruction provides practice with the specific skills your child needs. Individualized instruction further supports your child by applying strategies that accommodate their preferred learning styles (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic).

How quickly will my child progress?

Typically, students make three months of progress for every month (eight sessions) of instruction.

How much do reading programs cost?

Parents set the rate that works for their family. This is discussed during initial phone visit.

Since maintaining self esteem and confidence is the priority, affordability is equally important. A sliding scale option exists for these students.

When do you bill? 

Tuition statements are emailed at the end of the month.  Payments can be hand delivered first session of the next month.

How long is a reading session?

Session time is typically one hour, with a minimum of 45 minutes instructional time. As the student’s visual and cognitive stamina become stronger, breaks become shorter and fewer.

When attention disorders or more serious stamina challenges are present, thirty minute sessions are in the student’s best interest, until longer sessions become appropriate. Hourly rate halved.

Where are the reading sessions?

Carola teaches from her home near I-5 exit 252 (WWU).

Do you offer testing?

A student’s progress can be measured in several ways, but each way requires a baseline starting point.

Usually, a sufficient baseline is provided by your child’s most recent achievement test results from school and specific skills testing provided during the initial diagnostic session.
There is no charge for this first session.

Formal testing is available through referral to an educational therapist.

Parents receive informal progress updates after each session.

Teachers are in contact as needed.
There is no charge for any teacher conferencing.