Bellingham Reading

A Safe Place to Learn to Read

Healthy measures while visiting Carola: masks, hand washing, windows open, UV air cleaner, and sanitized work space.
Carola and student

Learning to read can be hard work. When the pieces are not coming together, it takes extra time and effort to become a strong reader, but it’s not by any means impossible.

Carola’s individualized reading instruction programs provide research-based treatment for:
  • underachievers
  • dyslexia
  • neurologically based reading disorders
  • reading delays related to Down’s Syndrome
Carola’s new students are typically one or two years below grade level.
Parent and child happily reading together

What is a reading specialist??

The International Literacy Association states the following about a reading specialist:

Reading specialists provide expert instruction, assessment, and leadership for the reading program.With their advanced preparation and experience in reading, they are responsible for the literacy performance of all readers, in particular those who struggle.

What is prescriptive, individualized instruction?

Prescriptive instruction provides practice with the specific skills your child needs. Individualized instruction further supports your child by applying strategies that accommodate their preferred learning styles (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic).

How quickly will my child progress?

Typically, students make three months of progress for every month (eight sessions) of instruction.