Bellingham Reading

Carola Tossetti

Carola Tossetti has been teaching reading privately for thirty years in Bellingham, Washington, Woodland Hills, California, and Richardson, Texas.

She received her M.A. and specialist credential in Reading Improvement from California State University, Northridge, and her B.A. in Elementary Education and Psychology from Elmira College, Elmira, NY.

Carola has directed three clinics: she was the start-up director for the California State University Reading Lab in Northridge, CA, Kadima Hebrew Academy Language Arts Program in Woodland Hills, CA, and The Reading Game in Northridge, CA. She also taught reading as an Assistant Professor at California State University, Northridge, CA.

Carola is a member of Learning for Justice, Learning Disabilities Association of Washington, as well as International Literacy Association Since several of her students are home-schooled,  she has received certification as a Home School Instructor.

In California, she served as a board member in her local chapter of International Reading Association, and in 1986 received the Distinguished Service Award from the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the International Reading Association. In 1990 she was a seminar panelist at the International Reading Association Conference in Stockholm,  Sweden, presenting on the topic of Vision Development and Reading Process.

Carola welcomes opportunities to introduce educators to vision development. In her experience, vision development plays a role in many learning disabilities. Check the website for the College of Vision Development.

Carola is located two minutes from I-5 exit 252, in the Samish neighborhood.