Bellingham Reading

Five children reading and writing

Our children were adopted from a non-English speaking country. Carola worked with them every week for the first year…. definitely a valuable jump start.

When you try to read, is it hard to read or is it easy to read?

When we want to be good at something, we need to practice. But sometimes practicing does not make us better enough.

There are always reasons why something is hard.

Think of a team sport, like soccer. Each player knows how to run, and kick the ball. Each player exercises to get stronger and play longer.

But when a player is having a hard time, a good coach sees that something needs more attention. The coach works with the player, and the player’s parents. Before long, the player improves. Playing soccer gets easier.

Becoming a good reader is like becoming a good player.

No one wants reading to be hard for you. Your parents and teachers want you to do well.

My job is to help make reading easy, so that my students will enjoy learning.